Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lasso the Wind: Aurélia's Verses and Other Poems

My latest work is with Nimbus, creating the artwork for Lasso the Wind, Nimbus Publishing, text by George Elliott Clarke.  I have admired George's literature and poetry, and found the visual imagery within his work inspirational. Over several years, George an I had conversations regarding the idea of an illustrated poetry book for children.  Working with collage, drawings, paintings, and digital imaging, the following are 
illustrations from the final publication. 

All images © Susan Tooke

B is for Bluenose

Written and illustrated by Susan Tooke, B is for Bluenose is an alphabetical tribute to the province where she lives.  From the mountains of Cape Breton, to the wild and windswept Sable Island, Susan explores with us some of the special people and places of her home province.

Annapolis Valley

Grand Pré

The Citadel/Louisbourg Historic Site

Alan Syliboy

Cyrus Eaton/Thinkers Lodge
Pier 21


Sable Island


Leatherback Turtle

all images © Susan Tooke

F is for Fiddlehead

With text by Marilyn Lohnes, published by Sleeping Bear Press, F is for Fiddlehead is an alphabet book based on the province of New Brunswick.  One of the Canadian Maritime provinces, New Brunswick boasts of a varied landscape, bustling cities and is the only officially bilingual province.

all images © Susan Tooke

Free as the Wind

With text by Jamie Bastedo,published by Red Deer Press, Free as the Wind gave me the opportunity to meet Zoe Lucas, resident of Sable Island.  Zoe is a brilliant observer of life on the island ( and a champion for this unique environment.

all images © Susan Tooke

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Full Moon Rising

With text by my dear friend, Joanne Taylor, Full Moon Rising tells of the Moon, and activities under each full moon as experienced by a Nova Scotian farm family.  Winner of the Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for Excellence in Illustration and the Mayors Award for Illustration.

text by Joanne Taylor, artwork Susan Tooke

Hay Moon (Full Moon Rising)

Corn Moon (Full Moon Rising)

Hunger Moon (Full Moon Rising)

Planter Moon (Full Moon Rising)


A Fiddle for Angus:

A Fiddle for Angus, Tundra Books, text by Budge Wilson
Ceilidh at the Red Shoe (A Fiddle for Angus)

I'm a fiddler (A Fiddle for Angus)

Brave Jack and the Unicorn:

Brave Jack and the Unicorn, text by Janet McNaughton, Tundra Books

Feast at the Magician's Castle (Brave Jack and the Unicorn)

Queen of the Ants (Brave Jack and the Unicorn)

Climbing the Glass Mountain ( Brave Jack and the Unicorn)

The Golden Apple ( Brave Jack and the Unicorn)